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 Dr. W. Mark Hearn
 Department of Management

  225 Merrill Building
Phone:  (256) 782 5756
Office Hours:  by appointment
Classes: Summer 2014
May 4 Week
- CBA 350 01 Bus Com 09:45-12:15 M-Th Syllabus
May 6 Week - BA 501 01 Org Com WWW Syllabus
July 4 Week - CBA 350 01 Bus Com WWW Syllabus

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 My Approach and a Request

There are two scores that I take especially seriously: A's and F's.  I make every effort to record them when deserved.
Things happen.  I do understand.  However, I don't forgive.  I grade.
I assume that each student is here to prepare for a career until I'm forced to conclude otherwise
Fight me. Fire me. Curse me. But, please don't bore me!